Rockwood Mini Lite 2104S low point drain fix


update 03/02/19 :  welcome our little blog ! After you read the info below about the low point drain on our Mini Lite, take a look at the other stuff we have written about.

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After returning from our little trip out to AZ and NM, we needed to consider winterizing or “sort of” winterizing the camper as we have some freezing temps on the Front Range of the Rockies.  We decided in the end this time, to just use the old forced air heater to keep the camper warm “enough” so the plumbing wont freeze (we have predicted lows just above, or right at freezing for the next two nights).

One modification I have been meaning to do (and I get reminded of this every time we need to winterize) is the low point drain setup.  Frankly, it kind of blows for a few reasons :

  1. its tucked way up and under the back passenger side in the back of the trailer, underneath the bathroom, not in an accessible location.
  2. the caps that keep the low points plugged are not removable without two tools at a minimum (one to hold the pex fitting nut, one to turn the cap, because they spin on the metal pex collar)
  3. you can’t really get all up in there with two tools unless you get down on the ground, on your back, hold up your tools and start turning the cap.
  4. if winterizing, you have already pumped 1-2 gallons of antifreeze into the plumbing system which leads you to…
  5. the whole point of opening the low point drains when winterizing, is to drain any water until you see pink (the antifreeze solution). which… being as the plumbing was just under pressure… while you are holding both tools to unscrew the loose pex fittings (until the cap is loose), the low point promptly drains down your arm, into your armpit and pools on the back of your shoulder… fun !

I just recently came across this dude Mike B’s youtube channel while researching the dimensions of our murphy bed mattress.  I first found his fabulous and sometimes ingenious tips on his Rockwood MiniLite (one size up from ours a 2504S) in this very LONG but informative (45 min) video.  If you own a MiniLite, its worth a watch.

Wandering around his channel, I found this gem below which shows the exact thing I had been meaning to do, add a quick shut off to my low point drains.  He used a simple 1/2″ PVC ball valve and some teflon tape (and 2 wrenches I’m guessing !)

I did this modification today, and its going to make our winterization procedure a little bit more swear-word free in the future.  Thanks Mike B!



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