Abandon DIY ship

IMG_1007So, In the end… I’m not entirely sure how I found Eddie Glonek, but I think it was via Ray’s site over at loveyourrv.com

Eddie has a website over at Mobile Homesteading and does solar installs and other custom work on Campers and RVs.

One interesting thing about Eddie is that not only does he do Solar installs, but he and his family are “Full Timers” meaning that they live in their Camper year round AND live off the grid pretty much completely.

Eddie has a unique business model in a few ways…

  1. he is mobile.  Most of his clients come to him and “boondock” (camp off grid) while getting their installs and work done.  Currently he and his family are in North East Wyoming, but when the weather gets cooler, they head south for warmer environs.
  2. he doesn’t charge for any solar gear, just the install.  He is happy to provide a full list of parts and gear that he recommends, but he doesn’t mark up the price of any of this gear.  You buy the gear, he does the install
  3. he is interested in teaching you the “how” and “why” of an install (so that you can really understand it AND maintain it yourself)
  4. his main goal is to do the best quality job possible AND to ensure that the client is happy, comfortable and downright thrilled with their new setup

Check out his Facebook page and Project page for past client installs as well as some testimonials.

You can find Eddie’s contact info here 

I called Eddie for a consult and it all sort of sounded too good to be true. I read through his website, checked out the testimonials and photos of previous installs.

After a few conversations and emails back and forth, I was convinced that Eddie was our guy for a solar install.

I abandoned my DIY install plans and scheduled a time in August to do the install on location up in Wyoming.



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