Camping happily : but without consistent battery capacity

A month or so had passed since our Moab trip, and we are enjoying our Rockwood Mini Lite 2104S.

We are slowly learning the tricks and gear that makes the camper life more enjoyable.

One thing we cannot seem to overcome, however, is always having a half dead battery.  The reason ?  mainly we currently do not have a way to store our camper at our house.  Therefore, we have no way to charge up the camper and the battery prior to a trip.  This means, we start with a nearly dead battery (all dependent on how long its been since we last had a trip and were charging with the panels or trickle charging while connected to the truck)  The storage facility we use in Denver has no option for a power hookup.  And… even if it did, it wouldn’t be advisable to connect it to power for long-term storage, mostly because the stock converter provided to us by Rockwood (off the lot), would be likely to overcharge and “cook” our batteries over the long term.  The converter just isn’t that “smart”.

Also, after setting up and breaking down the solar each and every camp is getting a little bit old.  It really doesn’t take that long, but it is a distraction and time we could be spending just enjoying our time outside.

We are starting to think that a more permanent solution is what we desire.  The idea would be to work towards a solution that would allow us to “not think about power” much anymore while we are camping.

Currently anyways, the batteries, sun and our panels are our top priority.  We spend a significant amount of time thinking about conserving power, creating power from the solar and checking the State of Charge so we can see how we are doing.

yes, you can walk on the roof of the Mini Lite.  but… should you ?  probably not a great idea to have a happy hour up there on a regular basis.  more details on the roof construction in a later post
Sunset at Shelf Road, Colorado
hoping for a cloud break to charge the batteries in the San Luis Valley, Colorado

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