Cinco de Mayo : first night in the wild

Pulling the trailer out of the traffic of SLC took a little doing, but luckily we had installed a rear camera, which is highly recommended. Our trailer came pre-wired for a Furrion brand rear camera.  We got ours for a killer deal on (we got lucky @ $249.74).  The dealership was asking $399 for this little camera.  This camera is really really helpful for city driving, as well as high speed highway driving. Basically, its really great to know who is behind you and just out of your blind spots.

Parris RV had included a swaybar setup, in our case the Fastway e2. You definitely want a swaybar setup, even with a lightweight trailer. There is a lot of info on why you should have this type of setup, I’m going to lazily skip over that for now.  One thing not noted by really anyone, is that you really want to have some type of grease for the ball and the swaybar connections.  We have been using something similar to this grease with success.

After filling up our fresh water tank in Green River, UT… we headed out for our first night of “real” camping in the Rockwood Mini Lite 2104S.

We found a fabulous spot on the Green River, camping in a slightly crowded but lovely spot.  This area is used by mostly boaters who run the Green River Daily as well as folks who day use the lovely beach on the river.  The water on May 5th was very very cold for swimming (for more than 30 seconds without any neoprene).

awesome beach on the Green River


got a chance to try out the integrated BBQ.  The grill itself is pretty flimsy and probably wont last a lifetime, but it doesn’t really matter because the Mini Lite 2014S features a quick connect gas line on the side of the camper which could be used with just about any gas device (an LP generator, a better made grill, our Cook Partner stove ?)

a satisfied griller of veggies

we had the good luck of watching two Mule Deer swim the rapids right in front of our camp at sunset.  They moved pretty smoothly through the class II+ rapid and made it over safely to the far side of the river.

the mini lite seemed happy to be out of the KOA campground, as were we

our happy little camper on its first night out in the Desert.  At this point, as you might have guessed, we had already discovered that the water pump could not pull water from the fresh water tank.



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