all stucco’d up



the stucco crew was back again today to finish up the stucco.  the texture came out to be a pretty good match to that of the house.  The stucco will turn out to be lighter grey color, a close match to the grey on the house.  it looks splotchy right now because the texture is still wet an will take a few days to dry.  You can actually see the dried (lighter grey) version of the color in the second picture.  This section was done yesterday at about 2pm.

they packed up the pile of gear, gas powered mixer, trailer and miscellaneous stuff that was taking up the space of 2 parking spaces on the street.  Im sure we got a few scowls from our neighbors for taking up street parking for the last 1.5 weeks.

Up next, creating a concrete form for the entry way.  We are hoping to have concrete poured on Saturday or possibly Monday.  The idea is to have a workable walkway ahead of our guests for the Accion de Gracias holiday.



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