patio sofa project started


next up in relaxo-land:  adding a “living-room” style hang our zone next to the bar.  this is the space that normally has the glass table and outdoor chairs.  we priced out sectional outdoor furniture from crate & barrel, west elm, room & board and such, and they are pretty much a couple grand for anything nice.  thats not in the patio budget this year so I decided to build a sofa myself.

this plan has two pieces, a middle section and a corner section.  with these two pieces, you can build out a modular sectional sofa.  I tried a prototype with some crappy pine wood last weekend, and it came out good enough that I decided to buy some nice 1 x 4 cedar and make my first middle section. 

had a few issues due to the slightly different dimensions of the crappy pine and the cedar as the cedar is just a little bit thicker.  hopefully I will be able to mod the plans and not make the same mistakes again.  currently plan is for 8 total sections, so only 7 more to go !

we are thinking of buying some nice outdoor coushins since the dimensions are a “standard” outdoor coushin size of 24 x 24 inches.  good quality coushins are pretty pricey, so we’ll see if its worth spending the dough rather than sewing our own. 

this was my first project using a “pocket hole” which requires using a jig.  the pocket hole allows you to hide away your screws so that your project has a nice finished look.  It took a little practice as the jig only had an instructional dvd and no printed instructions.  I was too stubborn to watch a dvd when I was all fired up to cut wood and make a chair.


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