chicago dogs, polycarb arrives & cross supports started


In keeping with the hot dog tradition (how can you say no to a Frank with a dude named Frank ?) We went today to the Mile High Vienna Stand .  Frank ordered the classic “chicago style” and I followed suit.  I must say it was a fine dog.  There was a restaurant copy of the Bob Schwartz book called Never Put Ketchup on a Hot Dog laying in plain view directly on the ordering counter.  Im not sure what that means, but as you might guess, I definitely did NOT ask for Ketchup.

We picked up some supplies in Frank’s awesome truck at home depot this afternoon which included the 12 foot sections of polycarb, a few more cedar beams, some galvanized hardware and some other random stuff.  Turns out the HD is quite busy around lunch time, mostly actual contractor type dudes that probably pick up this or that on their lunch break on the way back to whatever job.

Frank started on the cross supports for the polycarb along with a final square check.  Thing is definitely coming together poco a poco.

Hoping to do some initial paver installation this weekend, so stopped by Pioneer Sand Co in Broomfield on the way home from the rink this morning.  They didnt have an overwhelming selection of pavers, probly due to lots of folks like us knocking out summer patio projects.  Weighing the options of buying from the big box store vs Pioneer.  Pioneer is definitely cheaper in large bulk quantities but their delivery prices are quite high.  We’ll see who wins out.

Also, the Rose of Sharon’s are blooming in their full hibiscus-esque glory.


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