tsunami in Japan


finally got around to reading the news this morning and seeing the horrifying aerial videos of the destructive waves in Japan.  believe it or not the coast of Peru is under tsunami warning right now.  obviously that is one extremely powerful earthquake that occurred this morning in Japan.

its pretty ominous to see the publish wave arrival times, here’s what I just pulled down (gmt time)

PERU            TALARA               4.6S 278.5E    0033Z 12 MAR                  PIMENTAL            6.9S 280.0E    0138Z 12 MAR                  LA_PUNTA           12.1S 282.8E    0139Z 12 MAR                  CHIMBOTE            9.0S 281.2E    0144Z 12 MAR                  SAN_JUAN           15.3S 284.8E    0153Z 12 MAR                  MOLLENDO           17.1S 288.0E    0226Z 12 MAR



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