week 1 in Miraflores, afternoon in Barranco


spent the afternoon walking around Barranco, which is the district/neighborhood just south of Miraflores.  Really cool area with lots of interesting bars, cafés and restaurants. being as I have a tendency to take lots of pictures of windows and doors, I about lost my mind, but did my best to keep it to a minimum.  saw alot of folks getting off the city buses and walking directly to the beach.  the city street signs read “bajadero de baños” 

The highlights from today’s adventure was shopping at Dédalo, a really intersting gift / art shop which has probably 10 different rooms inside an old funky house with a café patio hangout zone in the back.  

We saw the previous location of Luisa’s art gallery (which is currently in limbo) in the same area.  And the most enjoyable thing, was eating Lomo Saltado (beef stew sorta dish with hand cut fries) and very very fresh whitefish Ceviche at Canta Rana (the singing frog).  Canta Rana was totally packed with each table full, seemed like a saturday tradition for people in Barranco.



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